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    Wall Zabodarski, Mali Lošinj

    : Antique, Natural, : Advanced, Beginners, Certified, Tech

    Zabodarski islet is a nearby diving location, perfect for all categories of divers. It offers both natural marine life discovery as well as a peek into the past, with the remains of antique amphorae.

    Zabodarski is an islet west of the entrance to the bay of Mali Lošinj. The wall, which stretches almost from the sea surface down to 42 m is rich in marine life. Because of proximity, it makes it ideal location for the first dives after the course or as part of mastering the course.

    Apart from natural life, one can take a look into the history as well. At depth of 30-35 m fragments of various amphorae, dated to 5th century, have been found and some have been preserved in Museum of Lošinj, while others have remained in situ. At depth of 43 m an entire ceramic pot has been discovered, petrified and impossible to remove, therefore still in situ.

    Location: Mali Lošinj
    Distance from the coast: 30m
    Starting point: Mali Lošinj
    Level of difficulty: all categories
    Depth: 5-43 m
    Visibility: excellent

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